Intelligent ISR®

Proxy Technologies, Inc. has developed, qualified and fielded a cooperative control, rule-based software product that provides the capability to command, control, and coordinate multiple heterogeneous unmanned platforms. Platforms within the PROTEUS® network share their critical situational awareness data and adapt to changes in the status of known targets, threats, or other obstacles to mission accomplishment. Operators are able to concentrate on the ISR data instead of controlling the unmanned platform.

This unique Intelligent ISR component provides cooperation and collaboration between platforms and sensors. Using a mesh communication network approach, the platforms communicate among themselves sharing flight, mission, and sensor information. Each platform executes its preplanned mission but adjusts as necessary based on the mission parameters. This direct platform-to-platform communication permits cooperation in the performance of shared mission goals. If a platform experiences a network outage (i.e., lost communication link), the platform can autonomously continue its mission. When the network is restored, the latest data is retrieved.

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