The Proxy Technologies PROTEUS product is a rule-based expert control system that provides the capability to command, control, and coordinate multiple heterogeneous unmanned vehicles. This enables the platform to execute complex behaviors without operator input. However, the operator can still intervene and make adjustments as needed.

One of the key features of PROTEUS is its sensor-centric mission-based approach. Using an easy drag and drop Graphics Mission Editor, a mission is created. This preplanned mission, loaded into a Virtual Air Controller (VAC), is installed on the unmanned platform, optimizing the sensor performance. Each mission consists of mission data, threats, targets, digital terrain, etc. and performs collision avoidance, terrain avoidance, and limits the movement to specified corridors to avoid prohibited zones. This allows the Ground Control Station (GCS) Operator to act as a mission manager concentrating on the mission objective and not on flying the aircraft.

Key PROTEUS® features include:

  • Fewer resources required to manage multiple platforms, thus supporting group missions
  • More precise vehicle control than is possible with human operators
  • Data sharing among multiple payload operators
  • Open-architecture design allowing for rapid integration into other systems
  • Operators act as “mission managers”

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