The SkyRaider® is a canard type advanced heavy payload aircraft that can operate in either an unmanned or Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV) mode. Its canard design is more stable and maneuverable than other unmanned aircrafts.

Constructed of composite materials, the SkyRaider’s payload bay housing is a separate assembly, making it easy to install (or mount) sensors and payloads. Payload bay swaps can be performed in less than a hour. While changing payloads, software updates required by the aircraft’s Virtual Pilot are generated by the Ground Control Station (GCS) and uploaded to the aircraft system via the primary communication links.

The SkyRaider is designed for low and medium-altitude long-endurance missions with a capacity for 20+ hours of endurance. It is ideal for persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations, battle damage assessments and communications relay roles to address a wide array of Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security mission sets.

The SkyRaider can lift more than its own weight and its flexible platform features can be tailored to meet a wide range of persistent heavy lift requirements.

Proxy has received an experimental certificate from the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) allowing Proxy to fly under autonomous control (with a Safety Pilot on board) in National Air Space.

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